Sairun Nisha

I am Sairun Nisha mentees of “Talk to Me” and my lovely mentor name is Bridget Ganguly. I want say something about my classes & session in Talk to Me. First of all I really like the way of training because this class is on voice call in this way we can manage our time and anywhere we can connect with call so I love the way.

In our session I learnt many things like daily life routine, discipline of life, English conversation in polite manner etc. In my first call I remember I was very nervous because I thought I cannot talk in English with my mentor but at the same time my mentor said to me that you can and do not thing much because it is just a class feel free to talk. Here I am sharing some points which I really learn from TTM which are given below:

1.       I feel very confident in English talking.
2.       I realize that now I am confident in English writing like mailings, reports, letters etc.
3.       Now I can say that yes I can speak English.

My special thanks to my ma’am (Bridget Ganguly) and “Talk to Me” .