Abha Rawat

Before summer vacations, elections for the first time were held in our school for the selection for the student body. I also stood in the elections for Ashoka House vice captain. I chose eagle as my sign because eagle is the only bird that flies in the stormy sky above the clouds while the other birds hide in their nests, because of the leadership qualities it has. I worked very hard putting up campaigns, giving lectures in each and every class and asking students to vote for me. And as it is said that “hard work never goes unrewarded”, I became the Vice Captain of Ashoka House. I was literally surprised when I heard my name in the assembly. Principle Ma’am patted my back and praised me in the assembly as well as all the teachers also praised me. I was very happy and I wasn’t able to control my tears while going to the stage during the assembly.

Rachna Advani is Abha Rawat’s mentor.

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