Lesson 26: My City, My Responsibility

When I take a look around me, I don’t always like what I see and hear.
The garbage on the streets. The paan stains on walls.
The smell of urine on the roadside.
The maddening traffic.
The non-stop honking of cars, trucks and buses.
People pushing each other, and refusing to stand in queues at ticket counters and bank counters. The list is endless.
But rather than blame others, I have decided that I CAN take responsibility for my city!
How? By doing little things, and setting an example for others.
For instance, I CAN make sure that I never throw garbage on the road.
I CAN wait patiently for the pedestrian’s light to turn green before I cross the road.
I CAN tell the owner of the momo stall to keep a trash-can near his stall.
I CAN request my neighbours and friends to use their vehicle horn only when necessary.
I CAN do so much for my city. This list, too, is endless.
All I have to do is take responsibility for my city, as a good citizen!

A) Vocabulary: Make your own sentences with the following words: 

  1. Garbage – rubbish
  2. Stain –     dirty marks
  3. Madden –   to make someone angry. (Maddening – adjective)
  4. Queue –   line of people waiting for something
  5. Responsibility –   something that someone has to look after
  6. Pedestrian –  a person who is walking on a road
  7. Citizen –   a person who lives in a particular city/town/country

B)  Can you narrate a time when you acted as a “Responsible Citizen”? 

 C)  Fill in the blanks: Choose from the following words:  preach, for, in

  1. I want my city to be number one …..India (preposition)
  2. Practice what you …..(verb)
  3. Let’s set an example ….others (preposition)

D) Unscramble the sentence:
for much do can I city so my.

Audio courtesy Tara Kriplani: