Lesson 1: Punctuality

Ashok’s parents invited me to go to India Gate with them. It was a short distance from where they lived. They told me to be at their house by 1.00 p.m. It was a ten-minute bike ride to my friend’s house, so I decided to leave home at 12.50 p.m. I was confident that I would reach Ashok’s house in time.

That was a mistake. My bike had a flat tyre, and I had to walk instead. This took much longer than I expected. This was because I had to wheel my bicycle along. It was also a very hot day. I was tired, sweaty, and thirsty when I reached Ashok’s house.

Ashok’s entire family was waiting for me in the car! Everyone was upset because I had kept them waiting. They were getting ready to leave without me, but luckily I reached just before they set off.

I regretted my unpunctuality. I learned my lesson and promised myself that I would always arrive in time for appointments in the future.

A) Read the text carefully and answer the questions below.
1. What was the writer’s plan for the day?
2. What was a mistake?
3. What should the writer have done differently?
4. What lesson did the writer learn?

B) Make complete sentences using the following words:
What are the opposites of the words given above?

C) Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with ‘to’ or ‘to the’. Remember that some sentences do not require ‘the’.
Ashok’s friend is invited to go __ India Gate.
Ashok’s friend is invited to go to India Gate.

1. I go __ Sarojini Nagar Market.
2. I go __ market to buy vegetables.
3. I return my books __ library.
4. I go __ park at 6.00 every morning.
5. My brother goes __ work in Udyog Vihar.
6. My friend and I go __ factory by bus.
7. It’s time to go __ bed.
8. This bus is travelling __ Agra.
9. Are you taking the train __ Kolkata?
10. The children walk __ school.

D) Ask the mentee to substitute words and make complete sentences: ‘hot’ with ‘cold’, ‘freezing’, ‘it was raining hard’, ‘it was drizzling’.
Also: Substitute ‘India Gate’ with ‘market’, ‘park’, ‘hospital’, ‘mall’, ‘cinema’, etc. Have the mentee make complete sentences using these words.


Revised July 2020

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