I want to thank the Talk to me! organization for providing me the opportunity to be here on this important day.

I grew up in the Begumpur slum and my father was a driver but, gave up the job to run a tea stall in Begumpur. My mother is a homemaker and also helps my father to run the tea stall. Sometime my younger brother Salman and I also helps at the tea stall.

When I was in eleventh standard I had made up my mind to become a chartered accountant. This was not an easy journey for me.

I have done my schooling from a government school and I graduated from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College Delhi University.

When I finished high school I became determined to break out of the deprived circumstances that I was born in to and gradually that determination converted into an action plan to achieve my desired goal.

During that time I took computer courses at the Begumpur center to upgrade my computer skills, almost ten years ago.

TTM became a part of my life in May 2017 and it helped me a lot , Joya ma’am was my fist mentor she devoted precious hours to teaching me during her summer vacation, when I was preparing for the CA final exams Joya ma’am used to send me interesting articles. The articles helped me improve my vocabulary and I also learnt to use these new words, and phrases for my exams.

Now I have been associated with my two great mentors. Royina ma’am teaches, guides and motivates me. Once or twice a week I have a telephonic conversation with her.

I am also very lucky to have Purnima Daulet Singh as my mentor. Purnima ma’am welcomes me and my friends Sushant and Atul to her home. Once a week we have a face to face conversation lesson and we divide our lessons into two three parts first part is grammar and second reading newspaper and then we move on to the social awareness. She always inspires us and is very kinds to us.

I would also like to thank to Debika ma’am for her support for my CA interview preparations.

I have learned a lot from all my mentors. You have given us a meaningful life.

I believe that virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and believe in yourself and if you have a good idea about who are you and what you wanted to do with your life you are half way to a successful life.

Now this is the time I should return the things that I have, to someone who needs it and I hope we have an another success story.

Throughout my journey I would like to thank to my parents, Mala ma’am Aruna ma’am, Punima ma’am Debika ma’am, Royina ma’am Joya ma’am and all my loving friends and relative without your unsealing support I would not be where I am now.

Thanks to God for giving me challenges and also helping me overcome them.