Ankita Kapoor

One day I came to home from my school and I was going to have some food. My mother told me that my father had found something interesting for me. She told me that I would get a chance to be perfect in English. I asked her from where would I can learn it. She told me that I should consult  my father. I immediately called him and asked from him about this. He told me that this is TTM course from where I could make my English better. He also told me that I would contact with my mentor with the help of ‘What’sApp’ and there are 50 more mentee with me who are doing this course. At first I ignored his advice. But later I get to know that by improving my English I can do better in my studies. I agreed for it and told my parents that I will be a part of TTM .

After a few days later my father told me to send my name ‘Ankita’ with my other details to Mrs. Aruna Mehta. I send them all my information. My father called me and said my mentors name is Mrs. Ruchira and she will contact me through What’s App. After a day I got a message from Mrs. Ruchira Didi. She said that she is my mentor and sent me first two lessons and said that she will call me at 7pm.

On May 21, we first talked with each other and we did our first lesson that was ‘Punctuality’. Slowly… I was getting more interested in this. At the start my English was very bad. I could not even speak even a single sentence correctly. I was not able not understand the English news channels like CNN and BBC. But Mrs. Ruchira Didi told me that I should watch English news channels which could improve my English. The lessons given by TTM are very interesting. They are written in simple English. We completed 28 lessons including three which were not included in TTM. Mrs. Ruchira Didi and I followed the method of teaching that is reading, writing, listening and speaking. I could improve my reading skills by reading the lessons and books and writing skills with the help of doing different written assignments. Listening and speaking skills is practised during our class. Teachers pronounce and helps student pronounce correctly. We also do TTM speeches. My mentor assigned TTM speeches on topics related to myself as well as the lesson. In the middle of the course Mrs. Ruchira Didi was traveling for some months. So, I got a new temporary mentor whose name is Mrs. Jyoti Didi. I had only spent few days but it was very enjoyable to learn with her. But on my request Mrs. Ruchira Didi started again teaching me when she was back from Manila. Mrs. Ruchira Didi handed over some books to my parents for me to my English. I read these books and tell the summary of the that book without seeing in paper. We had also done different grammar exercises like prepositions, adjectives, sentence formation with different vocabulary words.

Along with improving English it has also increased my vocabulary. It has also improved my general knowledge. We had done many assignments and lessons given by TTM which have improved my general knowledge. I also got many information about astrophysics which is my dream to be.

As Mrs. Ruchira Didi lives in Manila, Philippines the only source to communicate with each other is ‘WhatsApp’. We had done our lessons on the What’sApp. Some times the lesson goes 1 and half hours and once it went even to 2 hours. This was very suitable source for both of us to get in contact.

From my views TTM is the best centre for learning English. It is very helpful and comfortable for the mentee to improve their English. The suggestion that I want to give to TTM that would be helpful is that they could add more grammar exercises of adjectives which could help the mentee to improve their vocabulary, prepositions, verbs, adverbs and many difficult words from which they could make different sentences. They can also add various TTM oral speeches like I had done many TTM speeches related myself like of different explorers, about the Himalayas, the business that I want to do and many more. In some TTM lessons there is poems present from which the children can get an idea and can make poem by using similar pattern. Other than that it is very helpful for me to improve my English skills. Now I can understand and speak English better than I did before I started learning with TTM.