Mentor Guidelines
While every mentor leaves a unique and lasting impression on the lives of their mentee, here are a few broad guidelines:

  • Your first call to your mentee will be to introduce yourself and to familiarize yourself with his/her background. At this time, you may set up an appointment for your next call. Also, do discuss the mentee guidelines with him/her.
  • Do also confirm if your mentee has access to WhatsApp. This will make it easier for you to exchange lesson plans and homework you might occasionally assign.
  • We request that you converse with your mentee for at least two hours a week. This may be broken into two one-hour sessions, or, more frequent shorter sessions if that suits you better. While we do require a minimum of two hours a week, there is no upper limit. Some mentors speak to their mentees several times a week!
  • Your Group Head is your link to TTM! Most communications will flow through him or her. Each time you have completed a lesson with your mentee, please send your Group Head a WhatsApp message, with just one word, “DONE” followed by your full name. This message is integral to the smooth functioning of TTM!
  • All lesson plans are posted on the TTM! website under ‘Learning Materials’. You have a choice of several levels of lesson plans. Please choose a level that is appropriate to your mentee’s level of English competency. Please let your mentee know which lesson you have selected for the next session, so he/she can be prepared.
  • We request you to make contact with your mentee within a week of receiving our welcome email. Kindly let your Group Head know once you have made contact.
  • If you need to interrupt your regular sessions with your mentee for any reason, please let your Group Head know. He/she will attempt to arrange a substitute. Likewise, if your mentee needs to take a break, please inform your Group Head.

For your protection:

  • Please do not disclose your precise address to your mentee.
  • Do not entertain any requests for money.
  • If you suspect that your mentee is grappling with any mental health issues, please inform your Group Head immediately. Do not attempt to tackle it yourself.

We work as a tightly-knit community to learn from each other, and to support each other. So please do not hesitate to contact your Group Head if you have any problems settling in. Do let us know what works, and what doesn’t. We are always delighted to listen to any suggestions that will make our programme even more effective!