Mentee Rules
Please keep your appointment with your mentor. Your mentor’s time is extremely valuable, so please respect that.
If for some IMPORTANT reason, you cannot keep your appointment, please send a message or call your mentor at least 4 hours before your scheduled class. IF convenient, your mentor will try to reschedule the class.
Also, inform your institutional coordinator if you cancel/and or reschedule the class.
If you skip two appointments without informing your mentor, we will get a warning letter from us. A copy of the warning will be sent to your parent and your institutional coordinator.
Your mentor wants to help you to speak English. Please help your mentor by being the best student you can be.
Be punctual, respectful, truthful, and responsible at all times.
Do your homework to the best of your ability. Please pay close attention to the corrections made by your mentor.
Find the quietest place in your house to take your call.
Have a notebook, pencil, and a fully charged phone ready for your lesson.
Write down the name and phone number of your mentor in your notebook.