Level 1 (Please scroll down for Level 1+ Lessons)

Lesson 42: Prayers on Wings

Lesson 41: (poem) Good Hope

Lesson 40: (poem) Earth Day

Lesson 39: (poem) Jump or Jiggle

Lesson 38: (poem) Missing

Lesson 36: A Visit to the Doctor

Lesson 34: An Act of Kindness

Lesson 27: My Family

Lesson 26: An Early Start to the Day

Lesson 25: A Healthy Lifestyle

Lesson 24: Movies

Lesson 23: A Carpet of Books

Lesson 21: The Lost Bicycle

Lesson 18: Because of You

Lesson 16: Heera and Moti

Lesson 15: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Lesson 14: Vegetables

Lesson 13: The Weekend

Lesson 12: Day and Night

Lesson 11: A Walk in the Park

Lesson 10: My Parents

Lesson 9: My Favourite Fruit

Lesson 8: Meet My Family

Lesson 6: Transport and Safety

Lesson 4: My Favourite Day of the Week

Lesson 1: Punctuality

Level 1+

Lesson 37: The Little Drummer Boy

Lesson 35: Harry’s Restaurant

Lesson 33: The City and the Village

Lesson 32: The Importance of Reading

Lesson 31: Avvaiyar – The Poet of the Masses

Lesson 30: Bullies

Lesson 29: Understanding and Caring

Lesson 28: Little Acts of Kindness

Lesson 22: Message in a Bottle

Lesson 20: Polar Bears

Lesson 19: From Sand to Glass

Lesson 17: What do animals give us?

Lesson 7: Dreams

Lesson 3: Conversation about Colours

Lesson 2: Carrots and Nutrition