Lesson 11: A Walk in the Park

I walk to work from my house.
On the way, I pass a park.
If I’m not getting late for work, I open the little gate to the park and go in.
I sit on a bench and watch the birds and the butterflies. I like to daydream.
Sometimes the little pond in the park is covered in pink and white water lilies.
Even when there are no flowers, I enjoy seeing the large floating leaves.
In winter, the park is full of bright, colourful flowers.
The ‘faces’ on the pansies always make me smile.
I see older people walking slowly around the park.
The younger people walk much faster. Sometimes they run. There is also an
outdoor gym in the park. The most popular pieces of equipment are the t’ai chi
spinner and the air walker.
In the evening, small children play and run around. I hear them shout with joy and
excitement. Their laughter fills the air.
On a holiday, when the weather is good, I read a book in the park or I jot down
some thoughts in my notebook. In the winter, it’s wonderful to sit in the sun and
do some bird watching.

A) Substitute the word in bold with the words in brackets. Read out
the complete sentence.
Example: I walk to work. (college, school, office, market)
I walk to college, etc.
1. I pass a small park. (massive, large, huge)
2. The grass is green. (dry, brown, lush, thick, tall, overgrown)
3. I see pansies. (roses, lilies, dahlias, marigold, poppies)
4. The children play on the swings. (slide, seesaw, merry-go-round, jungle gym)
5. I write down my thoughts. (jot, note)

B) Make complete sentences with the following words. The meaning of the word
should be clear from the sentence.
flower, butterfly, bench, walk, marigold, daydream, cloud, sunny, sparrow, grass

C) Take a notebook to the park and write your own List Poem.

I see grass wet with dew,
I see a black and orange butterfly,
I see a baby wearing a bright red cap,

Continue the list poem.
Write as many lines as you possibly can.
Use colours and imaginative adjectives.
Give your poem a title.

Revised July 2020

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