Lesson 12: Day and Night

The sun rises in the east every morning.
It sets every evening in the west.
I have never seen the sunrise, because I do not get up early enough.
But I have seen the sunset many times.
Sunset is the moment when the sun disappears below the horizon.
I love to go to the terrace of my friend’s house so that we can watch the sunset
Monsoon sunsets are spectacular. The sky turns pink and bright orange.
During the day, when the sun is high in the sky, I play, study and work.
At night, when it is dark, I stay indoors, eat my dinner, and go to sleep.
This is the rhythm of our lovely planet – day and night.

A) Vocabulary:
rise – To move upwards
set – To disappear below
rhythm – Regular, repeated pattern
sunrise – The time in the morning when the sun appears
sunset – The time in the evening when the sun disappears
spectacular – Beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way
horizon – The line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet

B) Please make your own sentences with the following words:
1. rise
2. set
3. rhythm
4. east
5. west
6. sunrise
7. sunset
8. spectacular
9. horizon

C) What are the opposites of the following words:
1. up   –
2. many –
3. love –
4. friend –
5. indoors –
6. lazy –
7. rise –
8. give –
9. low –
10.bright –

D) Rhyming Words:
‘talk’ rhymes with ‘walk.’
‘cat’ rhymes with ‘hat.’
‘run’ rhymes with ‘sun.’
Now please find rhyming words for:
1. House
2. Boat
3. Honey
4. Red
5. Sit
6. Wing
7. Hug
8. Book
9. Dry

E) Write a four line poem called ‘Day and Night.’
Try and use rhyming words.
Use imaginative words.
Have fun.

Revised July 2020

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