Lesson 18: Because of You

Each time a child is born, the world changes.
When you were born, there was a new person for your family to love and care for.
And because of you, there is one more person who can love and care for others.
Because of you, there is one more person who will grow and learn, and one more person
who can teach others.
Because of you, there is one more person who needs help and one more person
who can help others.
When you help, care, share, and listen, you are being kind.
When two people help, care, share, and listen to each other, they are friends.
When people from different countries help, care, share, and listen to one another, it is called peace.
Even something as big and important as peace begins with something small and precious.
It might begin . . . because of you.

A) Discussion Points
1. Do you have younger brothers or sisters? Do you remember the day they were born?
2. Describe your relationship with your siblings. Do you fight? Do you share things?
Do you care for each other? Do you listen to each other’s problems?
3. Describe yourself, or your sibling, or your best friend.
4. ‘Small,’ ‘precious,’ and ‘kind’ are all adjectives. Underline these words in the
5. Adjectives describe people and things. Can you think of five adjectives to describe your teacher?
6. Make sentences using the adjectives in the passage above.
7. In what ways can you help in creating peace?

B) Try to find at least four rhyming word for the following:
For example:
Each – beach, beech, bleach, breach, breech, leach, leech, peach, preach, reach,
screech, speech, teach
Child – filed, piled, mild, riled, smiled, styled, tiled, wild, whiled
New –
One –
Care –
More –
Teach –
Kind –
Male –
Sad –
Share –
Quick –

C) Mahatma Gandhi said: “We must become the change we want to see in the world.”
1. What did Gandhiji mean by this?
2. What change do you want to see in the world?
3. What can you do to make this change possible?

Seeing with the eyes of another,
Listening with the ears of another,
and feeling with the heart of another.

— Alfred Adler

1. Can you define ‘empathy’ in your own words?
2. Who is the most empathetic person you know?
3. Why do you think this person is empathetic? Please give an example.
4. What does the idiom “I feel your pain” mean? Have you ever felt someone
else’s pain? Explain what you mean in one or two sentences.
5. In what ways will you try to show more empathy?

Revised July 2020

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