Lesson 34: An Act of Kindness

The bus was very crowded today.
People were squeezed together, pushing each other for an inch of space. I was
beginning to get angry and impatient, and was thinking of jumping off at the
next stop.
Just then, I noticed a frail old man get up from his seat and gesture to a
young expectant mother to come and sit on his seat.
He waved aside the people in her way and made sure she was safely seated. He
helped her with her bag, which he put on the floor of the bus. The woman sat
down with a sigh of relief and thanked him for his kindness.
The old man stood clinging to the rod of the swerving bus with a smile on his
I realized that even the worst moments can bring out the best in a person.

A) Vocabulary. Use the words below in sentences of your own.
1. Impatient (adjective) – not willing to wait, to be in a hurry
2. Frail (adjective) – weak, delicate
3. Gesture (verb) – movement of the hand
4. Aside (adverb) – to one side
5. Cling (verb) – to hold on tightly
6. Swerve (verb) – to turn suddenly

B) Pick a word to describe the action of the old man:
1. Courteous
2. Respectful
3. Caring
4. All of the above

C) Write/talk about any courteous action that you have performed.

D) Write a few sentences about your last bus trip.

E) Fill in the blanks/complete the sentences:

1. I take a bus . . . school/work.
2. I pay the bus fare . . . the conductor.
3. The driver must slow down for us to get . . . and . . . the bus.

F) Fill in the blanks with the correct tense and form of the verb:
1. Swerve/Cling: When the bus ___, I have to ___ on to the rod.
2. Cling: The little girl ___ to her mother on the first day of school.
3. Cling: When he was younger, he ___ to his friends for support.
4. Cling: A bit of fragrance always ___ to the hand that gives you roses.
5. Swerve: To avoid hitting the squirrel on the road, the car ___ to the left.

G) Unscramble the sentences:
1. Crowded the today bus very was.
2. Long have been here how you working?
3. Is I’m my name Akbar and English learning.
4. Think other we people always us have lives than better.
5. Too other have problems people.
6. In accounts I at university work the department the.

Revised July 2020

Audio courtesy Tara Kriplani: