Lesson 41: (poem) Good Hope

I believe
There is enough food
On this planet
For everyone.
I believe
That it is possible
For all people
To live in peace.
I believe
We can live
Without guns,
I believe everyone
Is important.
I believe there are good Christians
And good Muslims,
Good Jews
And good not sures.
I believe
there is good in everyone
I believe in people.
If I did not believe
I would stop writing.
I know
Every day
Children cry for water,
And every day racists attack,
Still every day
Children play
With no care for colour.
So I believe there is hope
And I hope
That there are many believers
There is hope,
That is what I hope
And this is what I believe,
I believe in you.
Believe me.
— Benjamin Zephaniah

A) Discussion points
1. Are your beliefs similar to those of the poet’s?
2. Do you disagree with any of his beliefs?
3. If so, why?
4. Do you believe strongly in any ideas that are not expressed in this poem?

B) Complete this exercise with the correct and corresponding noun:
I believe in being kind.
I believe in kindness.
1. I believe in being patient.
I believe in __.
2. I believe in being truthful.
I believe in __.
3. I believe in being happy.
I believe in __.
1. Honest / __.
2. Courageous / __.
3. Sincere / __.
4. Gentle / __.
5. Peaceful /__.
6. Respectful / __.
7. Friendly /__.

C) Write two stanzas that begin with
1) I believe . . .
And one stanza that begins with
2) I know . . .

D) Can you think of another title for this poem?

Revised July 2020

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