Lesson 5: The Bus Journey

I take a bus to college every day.
Sometimes I get a seat.
That is when I look out of the window.
There are many things I can see through the bus window.
I see vegetable and fruit sellers behind their carts.

I see people riding bicycles, motor cycles, and scooters. Some people are in auto rickshaws and taxis.

I see people walking quickly on the side of the road. I wonder where they are rushing to.

I see many people in cars, going to work.
Most of them are talking on their cell phones.
I know it is dangerous to drive and use a phone at the same time.
As you can see, I do not have that problem.
When I’m not looking out of the bus window, I talk on my cell phone.

A) Answer the following questions.
1. What do you think are dangerous activities for small children and elderly people?
2. What would you tell your friend who is riding his motorcycle without a helmet?
3. Why is it dangerous to drive and talk on the phone at the same time?

B) The words in bold below are called prepositions. A preposition is a word that shows the relation of a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence. It tells you where or when something is in relation to something else. Examples of prepositions are ‘after,’ ‘before,’ ‘on,’ ‘under,’ ‘inside,’ ‘outside,’ ‘for,’ ‘from,’ ‘to,’ and ‘at.’
Pick the right preposition in each sentence.
1. I take a bus to/on school every day.
2. I sit on/at the bus seat.
3. He sits under/over the tree.
4. I talk at/on the phone.

C) The word ‘dangerous’ is an adjective. It is derived from the word ‘danger,’ which is a noun. Form adjectives ending in ‘ous’ with the words below. Some words lose or gain a letter, or change a letter or letters, when they form adjectives. Example: fame (noun) becomes famous (adjective).
1. disaster
2. joy
3. mountain
4. adventure
5. prosper
6. caution
7. humour
8. space
9. study

D) The Wheels on the Bus
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
Round and round,
Round and round.
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
All through the town.
The horn on the bus goes beep, beep, beep,
The signals on the bus go blink, blink, blink,
The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish,
The motor on the bus goes zoom, zoom, zoom.

E) Use the words in bold letters in the poem above to make sentences of your own.

Revised July 2020

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