Quiz 1: All About India 

Quiz 1: All About India 

Question 1 – When did India become a republic

a. August 15, 1947

b. January 26, 1950

c. November 26, 1949

d. October 2, 1950

Question 2 – Who was the first President of India

a. Mahatma Gandhi

b. Jawaharlal Nehru

c. Sardar Patel

d. Rajendra Prasad

Question 3 – How many spokes does the Ashok Chakra in the National Flag have

a. 12

b. 18

c. 24

d. 30

Question 4 – Who wrote the national anthem

a. Rabindranath Tagore

b. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

c. Premchand

d. Sarojini Naidu

Question 5 – Who was the first Prime Minister of India

a. Mahatma Gandhi

b. Jawaharlal Nehru

c. Sardar Patel

d. Lal Bahadur Shastri

Question 6 – Which lies to the East of India

a. Arabian Sea

b. Indian Ocean

c. Bay of Bengal

d. Gulf of Cambay

Question 7 – Which is the Southernmost  Point of India

a. Kanyakumari

b. Porbandar

c. Goa

d. Chennai

Question 8 – Nepal lies in which direction of India

a. North

b. South

c. East

d. West

Question 9 – Name the Indian Desert

a. Thar

b. Sahara

c. Kalahari

d. Mongolia

Question 10 – Which is the longest river in India

a. Ganges

b. Brahmaputra

c. Sutlej

d. Godavari

Question 11 – Who built the Taj Mahal

a. Shah Jahan

b. Akbar

c. Shivaji

d. Ashoka

Question 12 – Who wrote the Ramayan

a. Sagar

b. Veda Vyas

c. Soordas

d. Valmiki

Question 13 – Where was the Indus Valley Civilisation

a. Egypt

b. Iraq

c. India – Pakistan

d. Mexico

Question 14 – Who was the first Mughal Emperor

a. Akbar

b. Babar

c. Humayun

d. Aurangzeb

Question 15 – What was India’s capital before Delhi

a. Mumbai (Bombay)

b. Kolkata (Calcutta)

c. Chennai (Madras)

d. Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Question 16 – Which is not an Indian musical instrument

a. Sitar

b. Tabla

c. Guitar

d. Veena

Question 17 – Madhubani is

a. Tribal Dance

b. Tribal Painting

c. Story

d. Poem

Question 18 – Which of these is an Indian classical dance

a. Bharat Natyam

b. Kathak

c. Kathakali

d. All of them

Question 19 – The Sweet Rasgulla came from which state of India

a. Delhi

b. Tamil Nadu

c. Gujarat

d. West Bengal

Question 20 – Bhangra is from which State

a. Rajasthan

b. Punjab

c. Maharashtra

d. Kerala

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