Question 1 – Local times and time zones are based on

  • a. Latitudes
  • b. Longitudes
  • c. Equator
  • d. None of the above

Question 2 – The shape of the earth can be described as

a. Round

b. Spheroid

c. Flat

d. Angular

Question 3 – The second highest mountain peak in the world is

a. Mount Everest

b. Kanchanjunga

c. K2

d. Nanda Devi

Question 4 – Mount Vesuvious is a

a. Volcano

b. Temple

c. Hill

d. Peak

Question 5 – In India, the south-west monsoon causes rains from

a. June to September

b. September to December

c. December to March

d. March to June

Question 6 – The Rann of Kutch is a

a. Canal

b. Salt Flats

c. Plain

d. Plateau

Question 7 – The Amazon river system is in

a. USA

b. Mexico

c. Canada

d. Brazil

Question 8 – The deepest point on earth is the

Dead Sea

b. Mariana Trench

c. Antarctica

d. Atlantic Ocean

Question 9 – An isthmus joins

a. water bodies

b. landmasses

c.  islands

d. None of the above

Question 10 – The Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean is associated with

a. Volcanoes and Earthquakes

b. Ships and Boats

c. Sharks and whales

d. All of the above

Question 11 – Where is the Great Wall situated

a. Pakistan

b. Thailand

c. Singapore

d. China

Question 12 – Pyramids are associated with

a. India

b. Spain

c. Greece

d. Egypt

Question 13 – The Cape of Good Hope is the southern most tip of

a. Africa

b. South America

c. Australia

d. India

Question 14 – Winter Solstice is on

a. 21 or 22 March

b. 21 or 22 June

c. 21 or 22 December

d. 22 or 23 September

Question 15 – The leap year has

a. 366 days every 4 years

b. 364 days every 2 years

c. 368 days every 6 years

d. None of the above

Question 16 – Who from this list is an Olympic sportsperson

a. Sunil Gavaskar

b. Sachin Tendulkar

c. Abhinav Bindra

d. Virat Kohli

Question 17 – Which year did India win the World Cup T20 Tournament

a. 2003

b. 2007

c. 2011

d. 2015

Question 18 – Who is the only Olympic medalist Singles medalist from India

a. Ramesh Krishnana

b. Sania Mirza

c. Leander Paes

d. Mahesh Bhupati

Question 19 – The word DEUCE is associated with which sport

a. football

b. Boxing

c. Tennis

d. Cricket

Question 20 – What is the weight of a cricket ball

a. 5.5 oz

b. 5 oz

c. 5.2 oz

d. 6 oz

Question 21 – Which of the following is associated with swimming

a. Freestyle

b. Backstroke

c. Butterfly

d. All of the above

Question 22 – The Aga Khan Tournament is associated with which sport

a. Cricket

b. Hockey

c. Tennis

d. Badminton

Question 23 – Name the well-known chess player of India

a. Mary Kom

b. P. T. Usha

c. Anand Vishwanathan

d. Dhanraj Pillai

Question 24 – Bhaichung Bhutia is a famous

a. Wrestler

b. Boxer

c. Footballer

d. Hockey Player

Question 25 – The number of rings in the Olympics logo are

a. 5

b. 4

c. 6

d. 10

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