Thank you TTM!

“Thank you for inspiring me to be my best, and for being there to guide me when I needed help. Having you in my life opened my eyes to my own inner strength and has motivated me to become and do more. TTM! prepared me for life. Thank you for all the lessons you’ve taught me. TTM! motivated me to keep trying. I enjoy so much with Aditi Ma’am. She is incredible and one of a kind teacher. Thank you TTM!” (Payal Sejwal)

“I gained a lot of confidence after joining TTM! When I started talking to Gauri Ma’am, I got to know my mistakes. I was lacking Grammar skills and was not able to talk fluently. TTM! helped me to overcome these mistakes. I am really glad that I joined TTM! I don’t feel hesitant anymore. I really like how TTM! conducts progress tests and career workshops to help us out and guide us to the “right” path. I believe that with TTM!, I will improve my English and become a better person. I really like reading novels and discussing characters and the theme. Currently I am reading “Little Women”. I really enjoy my classes and have learned many things.” (Anjali Sejwal)

“First of all I would like to say thank you to all mentors, with a special thank you to Priya Ma’am. Joining TTM! impacted my life a lot. I was afraid to talk to anyone in English. But now, if someone talks to me in English, I understand and try to reply. Earlier I tried to read English books, but couldn’t understand the meaning properly. After joining TTM!, I give tuitions to other children and can now read and explain to them well in English. I also got a job in payment posting, and I want to do a job in a big company in payment posting. For this it is very important to have good English and experience. In payment posting job, it is necessary to understand EOB for which English is essential for me.” (Asna Singh)

“I am Eitika, and I really appreciate how much TTM! is helping me. I can’t believe it! They have been very supportive and I have had very kind mentors. They are giving me so much confidence and support that I can do whatever I want to do in my hard times. Thank you so much TTM!” (Eitika Das)

“I have been a mentee since class 7th, currently in 8th. TTM! is an amazing platform that helps me enhance my English writing, reading, listening and talking skills. Not only that but it helps me express myself better. I have noticed that I am no more anxious talking in English. And mostly I am comfortable with my mentor. She is always there to help me. The website has amazing chapters and are very interesting. The TTM! Career workshops are amazing, I can understand about my field and can ask questions to the speakers and they clear my all doubts. And last but not least, TTM! is the best platform if you want to enhance you vocabulary and learn to express yourself better. Thank you so much TTM!” (Anushka Dhall)

“I have been a part of the TTM! Programme since 8th Standard, and am now in the 10th. My TTM! Mentor is Ms. Tanu Priya Puri. I’ve learnt many things from my brilliant mentor. At TTM! I learnt to express myself to the people and speak confidently. My mentor makes me believe that I CAN DO IT! She always kept me at high spirits of confidence and made me understand my calibre. The TTM! Lesson plans are very helpful in learning new and interesting things and values of life. It also helps in enhancing our vocabulary and grammar too. During exams also, my mentor provides me with practice questions and makes sure that I do a thorough revision before sitting for exam. In this time span of 2-3 years with TTM! I have improved a lot as I can feel it in myself. If anyone would ask me a platform where one can learn, express and improve themselves, I would suggest that person join TTM!” (Bhumika Basist).

“I have been in touch with the TTM! family since class 8th and am now in the 11th. My journey with TTM! family is wonderful and even it is going well now. I must admit that I got fluency while speaking English. My grammar, writing skills and vocabulary too got boost up with improvements. Every single chapter on the website, each time comes up with a moral, some of the chapter put forward those faded true stories which I think we have never heard before, not even in newspapers or any other social network. While lock downs, all the Zoom meetings on different activities, like Origami paper folding activities help me get rid of boredom. The recent Career workshops gives us more knowledge in those fields which one would like to adopt. It made us better informed. Talking about my mentors, I could clearly express my true self to them. They are friendly, caring, supportive and loving. Attempting TTM’s first programme was a great experience for me. I had a good time there, me and my schoolmates too performed a small song on the given platform. TTM! is a great organisation where not only our English improves, but also we can express ourselves to our mentors. It really encourages us to put ourselves with full confidence in front of the public.” (Sneha Das)

“I have been with TTM! Since class 8 currently studying in class 11th. TTM! is a non profitable organisation which is also doing my dream job which is to help people around the world or to give back to the society. I found the idea of TTM! very innovative as it is not just about helping students in language but also adding values in their lives. I got to learn about different countries, people, nature, etc. Apart from this, TTM! is very helpful for self growth. It helps in building self confidence and speaking fluently. There are many programmes which TTM! is organising. For example, I joined the Origami workshop and learnt to create decoratives from paper. Now the TTM! career workshops are going on. My mentor advised me to join the career workshops but unfortunately I didn’t join any of them because either they are not from my field or they are not of interest to me. One suggestion I would like to give here is they should ask the students what they want and then provide the content they might be covering.
The mentors are always ready to help, and all doing their best. (Deepak Joshi).